Sofia Vergara caught her husband Joe Manganiello "flirting" with a nurse while he was hospitalized for an appendectomy, the National Enquirer reported. The report comes just a day after Vergara shared a picture of her husband — the first in several weeks — amid the actor’s health crisis.

Manganiello told Vergara he was not flirting with anyone, to which the actress said, “Don’t you dare lie to me, Joe. ... I saw you,” the National Enquirer reported. Vergara and Manganiello got married in a romantic wedding in November 2015.

“As Joe lay recovering from a burst appendix, Sofia dropped by unexpectedly one afternoon and claimed she’d seen him flirting outrageously with his hospital nurse,” a source reportedly said. “[Manganiello] just lay there helpless as Sofia blew a fuse, accusing him of hitting on this very pretty nurse.”

The report also said that the flirting accusations could be a symptom of a bigger issue between Vergara and Manganiello. According to the report, the “Modern Family” actress is having “trust issues," which are "driving him nuts” and “if she keeps this up, the magic’s gonna go adios.”

However, Gossip Cop debunked the report, saying that Manganiello was not caught flirting.