The Chinese government officially expressed support to quake-hit Japan on Friday and offered assistance in relief efforts, but the Chinese people's response to the tragedy that hit their neighbors and rivals was mixed.

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said Beijing was willing to offer assistance. We are highly concerned about the earthquake in Japan and its consequences such as fires and building damages,” director of the China Earthquake Administration Chen Jianmin said, according to Xinhua.

However, the Wall Street Journal reported that some Chinese who reacted to the catastrophe in micro-blogging sites were less than sympathetic.

“It’s great an earthquake has finally hit the Japanese dwarves,” a Sina Weibo user writing under the name Liaoning Taxue Wuhen wrote, WSJ reported.

Some other uncharitable references to the Japanese tragedy by the Chinese were the following:

“Best if it disappears from the map. Wishing Chinese exchange students peace and safety.”

“Ha ha ha, saved us more than a few missiles!!!”

And the following are some translated versions of comments by users of Sina Weibo:

CEInet Liu Jiang: Tokyo street is full of people walking home, as if millions of people took to the streets all together, but before the line is automatically lined up quietly, orderly, there is no noise, I'm driving, road traffic congestion, but no horn , in front of everything, like a great silent film scene.

Ye Xin child language: the state as much as the 8.8 magnitude quake in Wenchuan, quick rest in peace.
SuperRoyo: Japan's new plan tsunami. Ultimately, 2012 will still come.

Shen Xiao-Li: May the deceased rest in peace, may the living be strong. Barley classical side of the people concerned about the sea, let us pray for those innocent people. Hopefully tomorrow will hear your good news.

Meng Japanese monster of Nance: Japan earthquake, and a time-line to stand a good two students, a team of prayer and seeking the help of Japan; a team of the celebratory atmosphere, to remind you not to forget national humiliation...