Moses is to the Israelites as Kurt Sutter is to motorcycle clubs. That’s the simile “The Devils Ride” Executive Producer Jason Hervey used when talking about the eccentric creator of the FX drama—except, he meant it in the most sarcastic way possible.

Confused? We’ll break down this feud for you. According to reports, Sutter, who plays the role of Otto on the acclaimed series, was feeling extremely brave on Feb. 10, when he sent out a controversial tweet regarding "The Devil's Ride," a Discovery Channel reality show. “Is ‘Devil’s Ride’ still on?” Sutter questioned his followers about the show that’s now on its third season. “My thespians are harder than these B----es. Don’t take my word, ask any OMC in the f---ing world.” Yikes. That will surely rev some Devils’ engines. And it did!

An angry member of the San Diego motorcycle club responded to the harsh comment, which only caused Sutter to crawl deeper under their skin. “If your MC has agreed to become a show, you are now reality TV stars. You’ve traded legacy/pride for cash/fame. And you are in my circus,” he said. “I may have to buy all the devils chocolate valentine hearts. Their feelings are so hurt. Especially the fat one from ‘The Wonder Years.’”

The “fat one” Sutter is referring to is Hervey, who portrayed the role of Wayne Arnold on the long-running series. Obviously annoyed, the actor responded to Sutter’s diss on Twitter—and if we’re not mistaken, challenged Sutter to some sort of showdown. “Man, you talk s---. You put your cast in front of you, but not you? EP Vs. EP. Anytime. Get yours, will get mine,” he boldly wrote.

But that wasn’t the end of the Twitter feud. During Hervey’s appearance on “Fox and Friends” to discuss season 3 of his series, the creator divulged a little into the social media scuffle. "We were partially flattered that he was writing about us, because we have so much respect for Kurt and we have so much respect for the talented actors and actresses that are on that show," he said singing a different tune. "It's one of my favorite one-hour dramas."

But Hervey couldn’t hold his tongue for long. Soon after, the actor was dissing Sutter on TV. "He thinks he's ... I call him the Moses of the MC community, cause he thinks he has some type of proprietorship over any show that involves motorcycles."

Despite Sutter’s trash-talk, Hervey insisted that “The Devils Ride” is “very authentic.”

"For him, of all times, to make a comment about the authenticity of it," Hervey continued. "You know, wrong season to do that. And he's never even spent a minute on our set."

Is that an invitation?

To see the authenticity of “The Devils Ride,” tune into Discovery Channel on Feb. 24 at 10:00 p.m. to catch the series' newest episode, “Broken Brotherhood.”