It’s the end of a bloody era. According to reports, “Sons of Anarchy” has wrapped up its final episode of the hit FX series, which means viewers are one step closer to finding out how the seven season-long drama will conclude (a bittersweet feeling if you ask us). “Day 10 of 10,” Kurt Sutter, mastermind and creator behind “SoA,” confirmed the last day of filming on Twitter. “Tired. Grateful. Medicated.”

In addition to summing up his emotions regarding the final season of "SoA" (with a few choice adjectives), the social media savvy creator also posted a few photos from the set of episode 13. The images gave fans a sneak peek of what they could anticipate in the series finale, which is set to air Tuesday, Dec. 9.

From SAMCRO-selfies to images of former club members, the cast and crew left no stone unturned as they took behind-the-scenes images for fans to analyze. Check out the photos from the set of "SoA" to see what Easter Eggs you can spot before the final ride is over.

What are your predictions for the series finale of "Sons of Anarchy"? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories.