“Sons of Anarchy” started off with a bang -- literally -- when the hit FX series aired its Season 7 premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 9. During episode 1, “Black Widower,” we found out what our favorite Charming characters have been up to since the Season 6 finale: Jax has been in prison, confirming teasers that he’s turned dark as he carved a swastika into a fellow inmates chest and ripped out his teeth, Juice is passing time at Wendy’s house, hiding from the club and Gemma has been concocting a story to pin the death of Tara on someone else.

By the end of episode 1, we find out exactly who her scape goat is. During Jax’s porn party Katey Sagal’s character divulges that the beefy, quiet Triad member she previously spoke to at the bar is the one who murdered Jax’s wife.

“The night Tara was killed I was coming over to Jax’s house. When I got close I saw someone in a Mercedes waiting in the driveway and this guy runs by the side of the house coming by the back door. I went real slow when I passed by. Got a real good look -- it was him,” she said pointing at the kid she was previously speaking to at the bar. “Chinese killed Tara.”

That’s when Jax decided to ask for the help of the Grim Bastards to grab the guy responsible for his wife’s death so that he can seek retribution. As the Triad club member sat bound and gagged in Jax’s home, he crouched down and whispered, “You killed my wife. What you did to her, how you did it, I’m going to make sure you feel that. That’s when he took out his tools: a knife, a plyer, a carving fork and some salt so that the innocent man would have the pain linger. “Black Widower” ends with Jax driving the carving fork into the Triad’s head, giving fans to sound of a crunch so disturbing it was bound to induce nightmares.

So, what’s next for SAMCRO and the rest of the “SoA” gang? Well, according to the synopsis for episode 2, “Toil and Till,” which will air Tuesday, Sept. 16, at 10 p.m. EDT, the Sons will be “soliciting help from another Charter to get a messy job done.”

In the promo for episode 2 Jax will tell Nero why his killed the Triad. “Lin ordered the hit on my wife,” Jax says. “You don’t know that,” Nero wisely responds. He later warns Gemma that Charming is bound to get a whole lot bloodier after what Jax has done. Viewers will also see Juice reach out to the Mayans for help. “What makes you think I’d help you?” the Mayan club leader asks. Juice explains that he’ll give up any information he has on SAMCRO. Lea Michelle and Annabeth Gish will both be making their “SoA” debut in episode 2, as well.

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