The boys are back! “Sons of Anarchy” aired its Season 7 premiere tonight -- and it did not disappoint. Episode 1, “Black Widower,” opened with a scene of Jax relentlessly beating another inmate in prison, which was followed by clips of what our other favorite characters have been up to since we last saw them in the Season 6 finale.

Gemma was spotted taking care of Jax’s sons, Unser was paying his respects to Tara’s grave, Nero was having a beer with the Mayans and oh yeah, Juice just so happened to be doing pushups -- naked.

“SoA” then cuts back to the scene of Jax cutting a swastika into a fellow prisoner. After his bloody creation Jax pulls out the teeth of the passed-out inmate.

While our protagonist was playing dentist, Gemma and Charming’s DA were seen waiting for a chance to visit Jax. Tyne reveals to Gemma that it’s been difficult solving the case of Tara’s death considering no one is willing to give her any information. She explained that the only person who could possibly help find the guilty party is Jax -- and he has refused to talk to anyone except Gemma.

Fans then find out why Jax yanked out the teeth of another inmate. “I was told if I have to sit down I had to make my message clear,” he said to Marilyn Manson’s character Ron Tully. It was revealed that Jax was attempting to clear the air with Tully’s club, hoping they could use each other as allies when the streets run red with blood.

In the middle of their discussion, Jax is told that the DA is waiting to speak to him. Tyne tries to get information about Tara’s death but he remains silent -- that is, until she tells her own personal story about losing her son and nephew to gang violence.

“That’s a natural reaction, the desire for revenge. It’s a part of grieving,” she said, adding that Jax couldn’t be tied to either murder, which is why he’s being released from prison. The DA warned Jax that if he does attempt to seek revenge for Tara’s murder it will only destroy what’s left of his family.

Wendy bumps in Juice when she leaves rehab and is surprised to see him at her house. “Why would Gemma let you stay here?” she questioned him. Juice spills that he has some beef with SAMCRO and that they want him dead.

“I’m in a situation. I’m hiding -- from the club. It’s complicated. They’ll kill me. Look I’m sorry. I’ll find another place. Please don’t say anything -- to Jax,” he pleaded.

As Gemma and Jax drive home to two touch upon a feel unsettling topics, one being Juice. Jax asked his mother if she knows his whereabouts and of course she lies claiming no one knows where he is. They then move onto another morbid subject: Tara’s funeral. Gemma explained that is was quiet and respectful.

That’s when Jax thanks his mom for all she’s done. Little does he know Gemma is the one responsible for most of the mayhem going on in his life.

“I couldn’t do it without you, mom. I love you,” he said. When Gemma and Jax depart he tells her to go straight to TM but she gets distracted when she bumps into Wendy. Wendy asked why Gemma is helping Juice, claiming that it’s a “out of character” for Gemma to lend a helping hand. But Gemma manages to keep Wendy’s mouth shut when she convinces Jax to talk to the mother of his child.

Jax holds a meeting with the club where he revealed his gratitude for SAMCRO helping out with his family.

“I didn’t think I’d be in this chair again. Thank you for helping Gemma handle everything. Taking care of my family. Our alliances -- you locking them down?” The club explained to Jax all the drama that’s been going on but that they ultimately have everything under control.

“I never really wanted this chair. I guess some part of me knew it would happen. But I always dreaded the wait of the responsibility. Truth is I can barley make the right choices for myself. I’ve been trying to take this club in a direction I thought made sense” he said of moving the club away from “outlaw shit.” “That hasn’t worked.” Fans realize they’re looking at a new, darker Jax. “I already lost the woman I love. I’m not going to lose my club.”

Meanwhile, Gemma met up with Juice and told him that he needs to leaving Charming, somewhere where there isn’t a chapter -- like Montana or Idaho. But Juice is more concerned with what’s going on with Jax rather than packing a suitcase.

“What did you say to him? How did you just have a conversation about Tara?” he asked Gemma.

“What I did -- I know how horrible that was. But it happened because we were both protecting the club,” she said. “I made choices based on the truth I had. So did you. You did what any member would have done. But you know, if Jax finds out not only will he have lost wife but he’ll lose his mother. And Abel and Thomas will grow up never knowing the love of a strong woman. I’m the only thread holding this family together.” Gemma said that as selfish as it may seems she thinks keeping the truth away from Jax is the “right thing.”

Viewers learn how far Gemma will go to keep Jax from knowing the truth when she pins the death of Tara on a club member from Lin Triad. Jax invites neighboring charters to a party at the Sons’ “shitty” porn palace. But the reason behind it isn’t to bond -- it’s to kill the person Gemma has pinned Tara’s murder on. According to Gemma, the person responsible for Tara’s demise was the young man sitting alone at the bar.

Prior to his death, Gemma walked over to the young fellow asking why he wasn’t partaking in the fun. She then inquired his martial status. He claimed he never expected to live as long as he have, which is why he doesn’t have a family.

Next thing we know Jax is ordering his allies to help him seek revenge for Tara’s death. But before they dive into his bloody plan they want to know why he wants the Chinese club member dead. That’s when he called over Gemma to explain her fake story:

“The night Tara was killed I was coming over to Jax’s house. When I got close I saw someone in a Mercedes waiting in the driveway and this guy runs by the side of the house coming by the back door. I went real slow when I passed by. Got a real good look – it was him,” she said pointing at the kid she was previously speaking to at the bar. “I didn’t know Tara was inside.”

The final scenes of the Season 7 premiere fans watch as Jax torments Tara’s alleged killer with a knife, a pair of plyers, salt and of course a carving knife.

“You killed my wife. What you did to her, how you did it, I’m going to make sure you feel that,” he said as the gagged victim screamed.

“Black Widower” ends with Jax stabbing the innocent party in the head with a carving fork. Talk about starting off Season 7 with a bang.

What did you think of the Season 7 premiere of “Sons of Anarchy”? Were you surprised with who Gemma blamed for Tara’s death? Sound off in the comments section below.