Watch out, Gemma! It looks like Charming is getting itself a new sheriff, and we have a feeling you won’t be greeting this particular law enforcer with a welcoming embrace.

According to reports, the seventh and final season of “Sons of Anarchy” has cast “The Bridge’s” own Annabeth Gish to the Kurt Sutter drama. And it looks like the brunette beauty, who will play the role of Althea Jarry, will be giving Katey Sagal’s character a run for her money.

TVline explained that Althea will be calling on her years of experience in Stockton’s Organized Crime Unit to help pursue the brutal murders that have been occurring in Charming – specifically the killings of Sheriff Eli Roosevelt and Tara Knowles. Oh yeah, we can hear Gemma gulping now.

It was by Jax’s mother’s own hand – or should we say, own carving fork – that ultimately lead to Tara’s bloody demise. Although the brutal scene occurred nearly five months ago, we still get chills revisiting the moment of Gemma’s murderous moment in the Season 6 finale, which you can watch here along with seven other of “SoA’s” most cringe-worthy scenes.

So, do you think Althea will be able to piece together the blood-soaked clues that could eventually put Gemma behind bars? We have a feeling she might come pretty close, especially since she’ll have the cooperation of SAMCRO. Reports suggest that the sheriff will be working alongside the leather-clad bikers to “keep the peace.” But sooner or later even they’ll have to abide to her rules, which might come as a surprise to the rebellious group.

Do you think Althea will be the final piece to help solve Tara’s murder? Let us know in the comments section below of how you think the show’s addition to the cast will affect the “Sons of Anarchy” series finale and whether you think she’ll be capable of holding Gemma accountable for her actions.