Sony Corporation on Wednesday said it has expanded its eBookstore with1 million plug-ins of free books in public domain through a partnership with Google, which already had 500,000 free books in public domain in March.

Sony’s eBook stores now holds 1.1 million books in total including classic novels, biographies, history romance novels, fictions and a lot more of genres, which Google has digitized as part of its Google Books project.

 “We’re proud to offer access to the broadest range of eBooks today – from hot new releases, to New York Times Best Sellers, to classics and hard to find manuscripts such as those available for free from Google,” Sony said.

Recently, Barnes & Noble reported it has the world's largest online bookstore, with more than 700,000 titles, while Amazon has more than 300,000 books.

The eBook Store is available with its two e-book readers, the PRS-505 for $280, and the PRS-700 starting price at $350.