Anyone who wanted a tour of Sony Pictures Entertainment at its Culver City studio will have to wait until 2015, the Hollywood Reporter wrote Thursday. The company has shut down its walking tours amid violent threats from hackers, who have said there would be serious repercussions at movies theaters if people went to see “The Interview,” a political comedy in which two journalists are instructed to assassinate North Korea's Kim Jong-un.

The two-hour excursions, where people are permitted to walk inside and around the buildings in Culver City, will resume on Jan. 2, THR said. The tours have already been canceled for a week, the news site said. For those interested in seeing Sony Pictures Entertainment in the New Year, reservations can be made on Sony’s website

Tours are from Monday through Friday at four different times. Visitors are asked to arrive 20 minutes before their scheduled time. 

North Korea denied involvement in the Sony hack, but called it a “righteous act.” The U.S. now believes North Korea is to blame, but President Barack Obama did not discourage Americans from going to movie theaters. 

“We'll be vigilant, if we see something that we think is serious and credible, then we'll alert the public. But for now, my recommendation would be that people go to the movies,” the president told ABC News via CNN. “Well, the cyberattack is very serious. We're investigating, we're taking it seriously.” 

Some of the celebrities allegedly talked about in the hacks were Angelina Jolie, who was called a “spoiled brat,” and Amy Adams, who was allegedly “abused” by “American Hustle” director David O. Russell on the set of the film. 

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