Sony Music Japan Website hit by an attack on Tuesday exposing databases using SQL injection techniques, soon after the website for Sony BMG Greece was hacked on Monday.

The attackers said in a note: “This isn’t a 1337 h4x0r, we just want to embarass Sony some more.”

Naked Security reports that no sensitive information like names and passwords were exposed.

Sophos reports that the attack used on Sony Music Japan was quite similar to the one used on Sony BMG Greece and there are two other vulnerable databases functional on the site which may or may not contain sensitive information.

Sony faced a series of smacking this month starting with its PlayStation Network brought down for weeks after hackers stole sensitive information hosted on the platform.

Soon after that, it emerged that a phishing site was found on Sony’s Thailand portal before its attackers managed to breach the company’s Greek website using a similar SQL injection attack.

However, it’s not clear, whether the hackers are able to inject data into the database, or simply access the tables and records it contains.

Sony just can’t seem to get a break to repair the damage or its reputation and make up for its losses from the continuous attacks.

Sony said it is fixing the issue with PlayStation Network in Japan and trying to return the store back to normal operations.