Music Unlimited, Sony's streaming music service, is coming to the PSP, according to Sony.

The news comes from Sony vice president Shawn Layden, who in an interview with Eurogamer, revealed that Music Unlimited would be making Sony's seven year-old portable its next stop.  We will see that functionality come live on the PSP in a matter of weeks, Layden said.

Sony will be bringing the service to other devices soon after.  The Xperia Play, Sony Ericcon's game console-smartphone hybrid, will see the service this year, Layden said, noting that other Android devices will also be supported.

NGP, the successor to the PSP will also get Music unlimited, though Layden did not give a timeframe, as the NGP's release date is still unknown.

There are still very few details that have come out in the marketplace about the launch, Layden said. The folks at Sony Computer Entertainment will have a big reveal of exactly what the scope of that entire feature set is going to be.