Sony said that the attack on the PlayStation Network that has resulted in a fifth day of down time might have compromised users' credit card information, but nobody knows for sure.

With service outages now in their fifth day, little is known about the cause of the outages facing Sony's PlayStation Network. Sony confirmed that an outside attack might be responsible.

Speaking to Computer World, a Sony Spokesman confirmed that the Japanese company is still unsure of the scope of the attack that took down the PlayStation Network. Since the start of the outages, many users have feared that the attack compromised their credit card information. But the Sony spokesperson said the company is still unsure whether that is the case.

Considering that the PlayStation Network serves 70 million users, an attack on users' credit card information would be significant. 

Sony is not saying when access to the service will be restored. Sony Blog manager James Gallagher confirmed today that the company has yet to determine when things will be back in order. Unfortunately, I don't have an update or timeframe to share at this point in time, he said.