Nearly a month after PlayStation Network went offline, Sony has restored the services and has thanked its loyal fans by offering them free games, movies and music as part of a 'Welcome Back' package.

Sony suffered a crippling blow when it discovered on April 20 that its PlayStation Network was hacked.

The security breach led Sony to believe that the attackers could have infiltrated and acquired personal data on nearly 80 million customers.

It also shut down the network and its Qriocity online music and movie service, frustrating many users.

Later, on May 9, Sony also learned that Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), which runs games such as DC Universe Online, had also been attacked, affecting an additional 24 million accounts.

The attack led Sony to announce that personal information of its 100 million+ users, including sensitive credit card information, could have been stolen. It was billed as one of the largest security breaches in history.

Last weekend, Sony began restoring PlayStation Network service and Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of Networked Products & Services Group Kazuo Hirai thanked fans for their patience and understanding.

Sony went on to say that it is migrating files to new servers that facilitate early detection of cyber-attacks and secure data management and the restoration process of the PlayStation gaming network would begin this Sunday, on a country-by-country basis, and the entire process is expected to be completed by May 31.

The company also expressed its gratitude to its loyal fans by doling out a 'Welcome Back' package that comes with loads of freebies - games, music and movies.

This is the deal - affected PlayStation 3 users get to pick two free games out of the following:

    Dead Nation
Super Stardust HD
Wipeout HD + Fury

PlayStation Portable users also get to pick 2 free games out of the following:

    LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
ModNation Racers
Pursuit Force
Killzone: Liberation

Sony PlayStation Plus subscribers will get 2 months of free subscription, while Music Unlimited Premium/Basic subscribers will get 1 month of free 30 free days and be compensated for days the network was out.

Non-subscribers of PlayStation Network are also not left stranded as Sony is offering selected free movie rentals, PlayStation Home items and 30 days of free PlayStation Plus services to them.

The company is also offering Sony Online Entertainment account holders 45 days of free game time and 500 Station Cash, the network's online currency.

And, as a good measure, Sony is also offering a year of free identity theft protection to anyone who enrolls by June 18.

The deals offered in Europe and Latin America are similar.