Sony has made a number of statements to its customers around the world regarding the situation of the current Playstation Network outage, but many have found them to be non-answers.

To the US the company said earlier this week that it would take a few days to get things up and going, but the statement lacked details on what was happening. Now a week later, the network is still down.

A letter released yesterday to Japanese clients is a little more forthcoming, however.

The following is the full letter, translated by IBTimes staff.

12 May 1992 in Japan 2011 PlayStation Network / Qriocity service resumed progress

For the PlayStation Network and Qriocity continued failure, I am sorry indeed.

As we said the other day regarding the future of the service and its restart, restoration will be conducted in stages on a regional basis to ensure the safety of our customers.

We are preparing to be able to resume service as soon as possible in Japan, and are now entering the verification stage for ensuring the safety and security of the network. Servers are going to be completely relocated to more secure facilities, and have further strengthening the encryption, firewalls and to give new customers peace of mind on the PlayStation Network and Qriocity.

The monitoring and the introduction of warning systems facilitate early detection of cyber attacks, subjected to a system upgrade intended to eliminate vulnerabilities, ensure information management and to protect important personal information of customers.

For those of you committed to ensuring safety, and have waited patiently, we humbly thank you for your understanding. For the latest information, this website will guide you at any time.

To everyone of our customers and partners, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience.