Sony failed to say conclusively say if the security breach of its PlayStation Network resulted in hackers getting access to credit card data of about 10 million customers.

In a much-awaited statement on Sunday, Sony said it was not sure if hackers got the data but emphasised that there was no evidence that they got any.

While there is no evidence that the credit card data has been compromised, we also can't rule it out, Kazuo Hirai, the head of Sony's PlayStation videogame business, said in Tokyo.

Ever since the massive security breach came to light about two weeks ago, there were fears that hackers might have got crucial information pertaining to credit card numbers, purchase history and password security details.

Sony had said a security breach in its online videogame service and Qriocity streaming video and music service had compromised data pertaining to as many as 77 million customers.

The company discontinued the compromised services on April 19, but did not reveal for another week the real reasons behind the disruption. It said a technical reason, not hacking, was the reason.

According to security experts, the delay would have given ample time for hackers to sell or maliciously exploit the data.