South Africa has greatly improved its technology level by increasing its bandwidth beyond the requirements of the world soccer governing body, Federation of International Football Association (FIFA).

I am confident that we can provide bandwidth capacity that we require fromSAT-3 if we negotiate with other partners, said Rosey Sekese, deputy director general department of communications.

SAT-3 was launched in May 2002 and links 25 African countries directly to Europe and Asia.

Links in Portugal and Malaysia extend to the rest of the world.

The 14350km SAT-3/WASC cable (South Africa-Western Africa) has an ultimate system capacity of 120 bps, allowing for 5.8 million simultaneous phone calls and the 13500km SAFE cable (SA-Far East) has an ultimate capacity of 130Gbps, allowing for 6.3 million simultaneous phone calls.

South Africa will be the first African country to host the soccer world cup in 2010.