"South Park" has always addressed current issues in society and found a way to put a comedic spin on them, even though it has often meant controversy. So far "South Park" Season 19 has taken on Deflategate, Yelp, Donald Trump and gentrification. In episode 7, titled "Naughty Ninjas," the show will take on the issue of police violence, which has been at the center of national debate for more than a year.

In episode 7, the residents of South Park will feel that they no longer need a police force. This makes South Park the first town in the country to part with police, which means they'll have a townwide celebration with a "PC Carnival," according to a South Park Studios press release. Kenny and the rest of the boys will be busy playing Ninja Warrior, which draws attention from a terrorist group. 

The promo video shows a South Park police officer in an argument with Randy Marsh in a bar. The people of South Park have apparently had enough of their police department.

"Not all cops are racist, trigger-happy a--holes," the officer says after the bartender says he "doesn't take kindly" to those who mistreat the "underprivileged." "Really? I bet you don't even know what farm-to-table even means," Marsh replies, and the officer leaves. Marsh later adds that the town has only had a Whole Foods for a month and already they don't need police.

It's very likely a celebrity will be thrown into mix for the new episode as well. During episode 5, when body shaming was the focus, Steven Seagal turned up as needing to have a "safe space" on the Internet where he couldn't see negative things people had to say about him. Entertainment Weekly predicts director Quentin Tarantino might be somewhere in the new episode, following last month's march against police violence in New York that he joined. 

Watch the promo video for episode 7 below:

This season, "South Park" has stuck with the theme of political correctness. In the first episode of the season, South Park Elementary got a new principal known as PC Principal. He has helped the students learn about topics like body shaming, homosexuality and transgender people. Expect PC Principal to be back at it in episode 7 when it comes to dealing with the police department.

"South Park" Season 19, episode 7 airs Wednesday, Nov. 11, on Comedy Central at 10 p.m. EST.