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MUMBAI: Gold, as you know, is generally just worn by people to make themselves 'beautiful and ornate.' And many people buy gold as the best investment option.

But the demand for gold is not for beauty and investment alone. Do you know that space shuttle Columbia was constructed using 40 kilograms of gold?

Do you know that without gold, man wouldn t have visited the moon?

Gold, in the form of sheets 0.15mm thick, is used in space programmes as a radiation shield. Because gold is such an effective reflector, it deflects the burning heat of the sun, according to the World Gold Council.

Gold is central to safe space travel, so it s demand has obviously grown as the space industry has.

For example, more than 40.8 kilograms of gold was used in the construction of the famous US Columbia space shuttle, mainly in brazing alloys, fuel cell fabrication, coated plastic films and electrical contacts.