Talk about a bad breakup: A Long Island man is suing a fertility clinic that impregnated his ex-girlfriend through in-vitro fertilization with sperm he alleges was stolen from him. Joseph Pressil, 36, says he was dating his girlfriend for six months and never intended to get her pregnant.

Pressil alleges his ex-girlfriend Anetria Burnett, an exotic dancer, was saving used condoms in order to get herself pregnant at a fertility clinic. After the couple broke up, Pressil was contacted by Burnett and informed that she was having twins. When DNA tests proved that Pressil was the father, he began paying $800 a month in child support according to Gothamist.

At the time she was giving me these condoms, and she said because of her fibroids these condoms were not lubricated, and would not affect the fibroid enlargement, said Pressil in an ABC News interview. Every time she would give me these condoms after the sex she would leave the room. She'd come back, give me something to drink. We always had sex in the morning and she'd say she had to go do something. She would leave about 10 or 15 minutes afterward.

Burnett's attorney has called Pressil's story ludicrous. He says that the Advanced Fertility Center of Texas, where Burnett was impregnated, required a sample of the father's blood and that the procedure was paid for with Pressil's insurance according to Gothamist.

Pressil stands by his story. He points out that Burnett filed to declare him her common-law husband, according to the New York Post, which would have entitled her to half of his property.