The 2012 Olympics in London have just added a bit more spice. The 90's girl-power pop group Spice Girls has been given the task of closing out the London Olympics in style. After a statement made by Victoria Beckham (aka: Posh Spice) on British radio hinted that closing out the Olympics would be out of this world amazing and that she'd be up for something, it's official, according to Vogue UK.

The Olympics are always a time for celebration and fun, as well as competitive spirit. The Spice Girls certainly represent celebration and fun, with their positive songs about empowerment and having a good time. With the world quite literally watching, this is perhaps the largest audience The Spice Girls have ever reached in their performing career.

The Spice Girls, known for their high-energy performances and over-the-top costume designs, are a suitable fit to close out the Olympics, as the world is already frothing with Olympic fever. The group will be performing two songs, including Wannabe, their first hit in the U. S. The second tune hasn't been announced yet.

Other acts considered to close out the London Olympics included Fatboy Slim and the remaining members of Queen. Edging out those artists is a certainly a tremendous honor for The Spice Girls, who, after calling it quits in 2000, have decided that the Olympics is the perfect reunion opportunity. The Spice Girls last toured in 2007-2008 on their Return of the Spice Girls tour, which covered the United States as well as England.

Some of the other performers that will be part of the Olympic celebration include The Who, George Michael, New Order and Blur. A veritable who's who of legendary British music acts. The Spice Girls recently reunited to promote their musical Viva Forever! from the producers of Mama Mia! Viva Forever enters previews in the UK on Nov. 27.