“Horrible Bosses” writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein reportedly are writing the script for Marvel's “Spider-Man.” They confirmed their involvement with the film during the promotion of their directorial debut, "Vacation.”

“We can finally acknowledge that. This is the first time that we can say that we are writing it. We’ve been saying no comment for the last week,” Daley said to NPR.

He also revealed some interesting plot points. Spider-Man/Peter Parker will be shown as an “outcast” at school, a nerd with great sense of humor -- something to which the scribes can relate. 

"He’s a sharp kid and witty, and kind of deals with the fact that he is a geek through humor. It is sort of the safety net for geeks like us, so I think we can totally relate to where he’s coming from. As well as the superpowers, which we also have,” Daley said.

Tom Holland will play the web slinger. The actor reportedly is preparing hard for the role. He recently shared a photo while running in Toronto. He is said to be exercising to get into the super suit. In the photo, he can be seen standing on a wooden bench. He appears to be wearing a gray sweatshirt and a pair of black jogging shoes. He captioned the picture, “Free running in Toronto.” He also shared another photo where he can be seen heading out to a gym.

“Cop Car” director Jon Watts is set to direct the film. Daley and Goldstien will base the screenplay on the characters created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The other actors in the film have not been named; however, Marisa Tomei is rumored to play Aunt May. Produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, the film is set for release July 28, 2017.