Sprint has rolled out a new smartphone application for its customers to track down a lost device and protect their personal information from misuse and unauthorized access.

The free Total Equipment Protection application is available to customers who subscribe to Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection plan, which is $7 per month, the company said.

Features of the app include:

* Locate lost device by sounding an alarm on the smartphone even if in silent mode, doing a real time locate via GPS technology, or viewing the smartphone’s location history on a map via a Web Interface.
* Remotely lock their smartphone
* Erase contacts in the address book on a lost smartphone.
* Backup, manage and restore contacts

Anyone who has lost a phone knows that their personal information is possibly just as vulnerable as if their computer was hacked, says John Carney, senior vice president of consumer marketing for Sprint. Now, Sprint customers have peace of mind knowing that their personal and private information is safe.