Sprint could be welcoming two new smartphones to its lineup April 15, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper, according to tech Web site S4GRU. Sprint has a press conference lined up for April 5 with HTC, and they could make a joint announcement about a new EVO phone. At that event or around that time, Sprint may also give updates about its forthcoming LTE system, and the new Nexus and LG phones.

An April 15 launch for the Nexus and Viper is according to an inside source, S4GRU reported. The April 4 event is the big news, however, because we knew about the Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper, just not the dates. We still don't know the prices, though. Galaxy Nexus sells for $300 on Verizon, and it could be the same on Sprint, but it would be the most expensive phone Sprint has (besides the 64 gigabyte iPhone 4S). We're guessing $150 for the Viper. It's shipping with Android 2.3 instead of Ice Cream Sandwich, but it does support the LTE network.

For sure, we know the Viper and Galaxy Nexus will be on Sprint soon, but the HTC announcement is really just a guess. Sprint is rumored to be readying an HTC phone codenamed Jet, but it could be the HTC One V instead of the One X. The One V is headed to T-Mobile, and the One X is going to AT&T, so we're not exactly sure what the two companies have planned for April 4. Start the slideshow for some details on the Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper. Tell us in the comments if you're ready for some new Sprint phones already!

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