Although it wasn’t supposed to premiere until Thursday as a preview for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the first trailer for “Star Trek: Beyond” leaked online Monday. As a result, Paramount Pictures decided that if everyone is going to be talking about it anyway, they’d release the official version early for science fiction fans around the world to collectively salivate over. With the first full look at the upcoming blockbuster available, fans are frantically trying to unpack every detail that the dense trailer offers. To help, below is a rundown of some of the top four moments from the first “Star Trek: Beyond Trailer" you may have missed:

1. Is That Music?

The trailer kicks off with a direct nod to the first few minutes of the original remake from 2009 by playing the Beastie Boys song "Sabotage." Fans will remember the song played in the scene where a young James T. Kirk (eventually played by Chris Pine) is chased by police after stealing his step-father’s vintage car. Luckily, the characters cop to the reference early in the new trailer with Scotty (Simon Pegg) walking into the room and asking: “Is that music?”

No long after, a knowing Kirk replies: "That’s a good choice.”

2. Goodbye Enterprise

When the joke about the trailer’s backing track is over, the teaser gets right down to business. When audiences last left the crew of the USS Enterprise, they were tasked with a five-year deep space exploration to do that thing the Enterprise does best. The trailer reveals that the crew’s mission doesn’t end well as the beloved ship becomes completely destroyed and crash lands on a mysterious new planet. It’s unclear if they’re attacked by a new enemy or fall victim to some kind of natural deep-space event, but the crew clearly has to abandon ship as Kirk and the rest are seen alive in escape pods on this strange new planet. Fortunately, it has air on it since none of them seem to be in space suits.

3. Stranded

Bones (Karl Urban) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) apparently find each other after the crash landing and are walking on the planet’s surface when it’s revealed that there’s advanced life there, and it appears to be hostile. Bones jokes that he won’t die alone, just as Spock is teleported (presumably without his knowledge) away from the dire situation, leaving Bones in a comically bad situation.

From there, the trailer gives fans their first look at a black-and-white-skinned alien that looks like Sofia Boutella’s character. She doesn’t appear to be a Klingon, Romulan or any other race we’ve seen in the “Star Trek” movies thus far, but she can clearly hold her own in a fight and seems to be working with the Enterprise crew in most scenes. Although it’s not stated directly, her skin could be an homage to a very popular episode of the original TV series titled “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," which features a group of aliens with similar coloring. Although 50 percent of each alien’s body is divided evenly, which side of their body the colors were on sparked a race war that eventually wiped them out. Again, it’s unclear if this is the source material that writers Simon Pegg and Doug Jung were pulling from, but more evidence supports the theory...

4. “This Is Where The Frontier Pushes Back”

Despite it being unclear what the villains in this movie are after, fans were given their first look at Idris Elba in his yet unspecified role. The actor is almost unrecognizable in his alien makeup, but his voice is a dead giveaway when he utters: “This is where the frontier pushes back.” Clearly the villain takes issue with the “Star Trek” crew and its mission to explore “the final frontier.”

While nothing else is presented in the trailer, it’s worth mentioning that the black-and-white alien race’s home planet was eventually the sight of a major deep-space battle between the United Federation of Planets and their principal rival, the Romulans. According to the series’ website, the battle resulted in the creation of the Neutral Zone, which ended the war between the two factions and led to a tense peace based on well-mapped boundaries in space. As a result, the inhabitants of the planet that the crew crash lands on may find themselves allied with the Federation’s greatest military threat since the Klingons.

Fans will just have to wait until “Star Trek: Beyond” hits theaters June 22, 2016 to see what’s specifically in store for the Enterprise crew in their third big screen adventure.