Red Alert! Some trouble is brewing for a former star of the hit science fiction spinoff “Star Trek: Voyager.” An actress that appeared on the first three seasons of the show has been arrested on two counts of exposing herself to a child under the age of 13 after a strange altercation with her neighbors and police. 

Jennifer Ann Lien, who played Kes on “Voyager” when it began in 1995, was arrested in her Harriman, Tennessee, home on Sept. 3 after an incident with a neighbor forced police to issue a warrant for her arrest. According to local ABC News affiliate WATE, Lien’s neighbor, Carey Smith, claims Lien walked by her home while Smith’s two children were crying. She allegedly made rude comments toward the mother about how she was raising her children.

“Started saying vulgar things. I mean really vulgar things, I told her to mind her own business and keep on walking,” Smith told the outlet. 

Unfortunately for Smith and her children, this is where things turned odd. Lien, suddenly raised her shirt, allegedly flashing Smith and her kids. When the mother protested, Lien reportedly responded by dropping her pants. Smith and other concerned parents apparently called the police, who showed up to Lien’s door to find it open. 

After Lien said they could enter her home, officers reportedly found her inside, naked, covered only by a blanket. She revealed to the deputies that she was expecting them but refused to be taken away or put on clothes. Despite repeated pleas for her to cooperate, as well as asking a female officer for assistance, officers had no choice but to carry the 41-year-old actress to a patrol car. She was arrested and jailed on $2,500 bond. According to Us Weekly, she was still in jail as of Sept. 15. 

On “Star Trek: Voyager" Lien played a member of a mentally advanced alien race that only has a nine year life span. She exited the show after three seasons, say for the occasional guest starring gig, before it ended in 2001. Apparently, she’s kept busy in that time racking up a criminal history that CNN reports includes aggravated assault, domestic assault, resisting arrest, evading arrest and reckless endangerment.