SAN FRANCISCO -- “StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void” is just months away, and three playable commanders were revealed during TwitchCon 2015 in San Francisco. With this being the last in the “StarCraft 2” trilogy lead producer for “Legacy of the Void,” Tim Morten says Blizzard Entertainment is starting to think about what comes next.

The three new playable commanders for “Legacy of the Void” are Rory Swann, who has a giant laser drill; Dark Templar Vorazun; and the Zerg broodmother Zagara. They join commanders Jim Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis, who were previously announced.

“StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void” is a real-time strategy game that follows the Protoss race. A big part of the storyline is that the Protoss are trying to take back their home planet from the insect-like Zergs -- but there is a bigger threat looming.

StarCraft 2 Tim Morten Tim Morten is the lead producer for "StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void." Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

“There is also this ancient evil that was alluded to earlier, this sort of fallen very old member of this old race,” Morten told International Business Times during an interview at the TwitchCon “Legacy of the Void” booth.

His name is Amon, and he is part of the Xel’naga race. “It’s going to take a unified Protoss, and help from the Terrans and Zergs. All of the races are going to have to come together if there’s going to be any hope of vanquishing him,” Morten said.

“Legacy of the Void” wraps up the story for the main characters across the whole series, with Morten insisting the storyline will definitely resolve and there will be no “to be continued.” This leaves a wide-open space for what comes next.

“We’ve been so busy finishing ‘Legacy of the Void’ that we haven’t really set up a concrete plan for what’s going to happen next,” Morten said. “There’s no end of stories we could tell in the StarCraft universe … it would be fun to explore other characters stories but we haven’t made a hard decision.”

“StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void” will be released on Nov. 10 for PC and Mac. It is a standalone game, meaning there's no requirement to purchase the previous “StarCraft 2” games to play. It is currently available for preorder.

The game also includes two new features aimed at making it more accessible. In cooperative mode players can play with a friend against AI. In Archon mode players can team up with a friend against two other players. “Legacy of the Void” also has a new tutorial for players who are just beginning.

For the more seasoned and competitive “StarCraft 2” players, Blizzard has introduced an automated tournament system in-game for the first time, as a way to “take the eSports scene home,” Morten said.

The tournament system has a matchmaking feature that tries to pair up players of equal skill level, so neophytes don’t get bodied by professional StarCraft players.

While the six commanders that have been announced will be the ones available upon the release of the game, it is possible that more commanders will be added to the game in the future.

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