Blizzard Entertainment, developer of the "Starcraft" RTS series, has released a video detailing major changes coming in "Starcraft 2" 2.0.10. The company has also released the full patch notes as well.

The interface for "Observers," or those who watch multiplayer matches, is getting a considerable revamp. The interface will be highly customizable, and can be adjusted to your liking via the "Starcraft 2" options menu.

Watching game replays will be much easier to do as well, especially if you only want to watch certain parts of a match. Starting with this patch, you'll be able to fast forward to different parts of a replay by adjusting that replay's progress bar slider, which will be located on the left side of the screen.  You'll also be able to zoom the game's camera out while watching replays, which could make viewing large battles easier to digest and more enjoyable. There will be two zooming levels. Press Z to access the first level, and Shift+Z to use the second.

Another new feature coming to game replays will be the Units Lost Overlay, which will give you a summary of which units each side has lost up until that point in time. You can pull the Units Lost Overlay up at any point during a replay by pressing Shift+L on your keyboard.

Blizzard has indicated that the release of "Starcraft 2" Patch 2.0.10 has been delayed by "a day or so" as of last night. Read the full patch notes here.

Watch the full "Starcraft 2" 2.0.10 patch video below, courtesy of YouTube.

What do you think of "Starcraft 2" 2.0.10? Do you like the changes that Blizzard made to "Starcraft 2" in this latest patch? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.