Stephan Feck's failed dive at the London Olympics has everyone wondering what went wrong during the qualifying round of the men's three-metre springboard.

As the 22-year-old German Olympian attempted a forward, three-and-a-half somersault pike at the London Aquatics Centre pool, Feck's foot reportedly slipped off the board causing him to lose control of his left leg. While suspended in mid-air, the Olympic diver made one too many rotations and entered the pool flat on his back.

The loud and painful splash left Stephan Feck with a red face, a red back and one embarrassing story.

While the event usually delivers immaculate dives by top-tier athletes, audiences are not used to hearing such an intense splash. In fact, the end result is supposed to produce as little a splash as possible.

Moments after the splash heard around London, Feck received support from his German teammate Patrick Hausding as his score of zero was announced over the PA system.

Feck attempted to redeem himself with a second dive, where he managed to score 2.5 out of 10 from the judges. Unfortunately, he was in too much pain to go on and retired from the competition.