"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" doesn't premiere until September, but Stephen Colbert started his comeback today with the release of a new mobile app. Colbr, the former Comedy Central satirist's new app,  is an extension of the show and features videos, podcasts, and access to the former Comedy Central late night satirist's twitter feed. It's available on the Apple App Store today and requires iOS 7.0.  Both the videos and podcasts can be downloaded for offline viewing and listening. 

There's already some content uploaded to the app.  First, there's "The Colbeard," the first promo for Colbert's new show.  "Hi everybody, I'm Stephen Colbert. Welcome to the internet. Good news: I still exist," Colbert says in the opening moments of the video. The purpose of this video: it's time to get back to work, which means Stephen, and we, have to bid the infamous "Colbeard" adieu. We watch the beard go through many stages, which include the "Un-Hitler," shaving the middle of his mustache, and the "Half Wolverine," cleanly shaven on the right side and a sideburn on the left.  "This shit will go viral," he declares mdiway through, which is very likely. 

The first episode of "The Late Show" podcast, "In the Bad Room with Stephen," was also made available with Colbr's launch. Recorded on May 28, the episode features Colbert along with executive producer Tom Purcell, head writer and supervising producer Opus Moresqui and Rob Dubbin, a writer and producer of all digital media, but he was asked not to talk. Colbert says he hopes that the podcast is about the process of putting the show together. 

Today also saw the launching of the official "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" twitter account, which, at the time of writing, has 4,531 followers. For more Stephen Colbert, you can also head to the show's official website where there are several behind the scenes photos.