On a recent Though for Food segment on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert celebrated gluttony and mourned the loss of 500-calories candy bars.

The segment opened with a news clip announcing that the Mars company would be discontinuing King-Sized candy bars in order to promote responsible snacking.

I would cry, but my tear ducts are clogged with nougat, Colbert said, before moving on to the next story:

It has been six glorious years since Taco Bell addressed late-night hunger with their revolutionary Fourthmeal. Which of course falls between dinner and waking up on a foosball table covered with your own filth.

Colbert then introduced the new phenomenon of Second Breakfast with a news segment announcing that many Americans are opting for multiple, smaller morning meals.

For too long we've been stuck with strict, government approved time slots for cramming things into our face slots, Colbert said. And I don't know about you but I always get hungry after breakfast.

In fact, sometimes I get hungry during breakfast, he continued. I need something to tide me over until my fork makes the journey from my eggs to my potatoes. But what I love most about Second Breakfast is that it has its roots in legend.

Here, Colbert ran a clip from Lord of the Rings that references the phenomenon of Second Breakfast - which has its own Facebook page.

In the J.R.R. Tolkien series, hobbit Bilbo Baggins eats a second breakfast. Second breakfast is also discussed in Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain.

Little known fact, Colbert said after showing the clip. In Tolkien's original draft, the rings of power are made of onion.

Watch the clip here:

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