It was reported  that the "Crazy, Stupid, Love" star would be leaving the hit comedy,"The Office," after seven seasons of laughs on the NBC show. "It's hard because you really are a family," Carell said. "I've spent a lot of my life with these close friends, plus we did a great show together, a show we love."

The company's new boss in the series will be played by James Spader, who previously spent four years on "Boston Legal." Carell is confident that the show has made a great choice and addition to the cast. "I was always just one part of the ensemble," Carell said, "and I know in the future the show is going to be great. The only hard part for me is that I will miss seeing all my friends."

Although it is sad for Carell to be moving on, there are bigger and brighter things that await him. "My true plan after leaving The Office is to move forward toward a lucrative career voicing video games," he joked during a recent interview. "Basically, I spent enough years searching for work that I'm always just happy to be employed, so that's what I'm looking for with my career: employment."

Fortunately, his new rom-com hits theatre this Friday! Also starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, and Marissa Tomei, this film is set to be a hilarious, fun, and very entertaining. "It's amazing to get such a wonderful, rich script that just hits home...The movie explores love at all different stages, from the falling into it to the falling out of it, and how we mess it up," Carell said."I like movies that are about relationships and their importance in our lives. I mean, this is the fabric of our lives, who we love, the children we have, the friendships. All of that. That's really what we build our lives around, so it's always interesting to see films that really explore that," Julianne Moore said about the film in an interview with the Boston Herald.

Steve Carell plays Cal--a boring father who is in a dry marriage with his wife Emily (played by Julianne Moore). When his wife dumps him in a restaurant and reveals she has had an affair, his life begins to sour. As a former improvisation acting teacher, Carell would go off script from time to time. "I like to do a few takes as scripted and then try one or two where I get to mix it up," he said. "I also think it's a gift when another actor decides to improvise. I love when the other actors come up with something new and amazing."

Stone who plays Hannah, a student studying to become a lawyer, also said: "Glenn [Ficarra] and John [Requa], the directors, were really open and incredible. They let us explore and do a lot of improv[isation] and find things in each other on camera and off. It was a really incredible work environment just because the lines were kind of blurred. It was just so much fun between takes and we were able to hopefully keep that alive in the movie."

Carell, who's previous films include "Despicable Me," "Get Smart," and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" has everyone looking forward to the rest of his film career despite his departure from "The Office." "I'm sure you've heard from many other people what a gem Steve Carell is. He's just a prince among men; he's so brilliant and talented, but also just a great person and so wonderful to work with," said Marissa Tomei.

Catch "Crazy, Stupid, Love"  in theatres July 29, and "The Office" on NBC.