Apple's CEO Steve Jobs announced and unveiled the new music streaming service called iCloud at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Jobs was on the stage with his typical outfit wearing black long sleeved shirt and blue jean.

Steve Jobs hoped the new iCloud service will power its next stage of growth and popularize web-based consumer services.

Apple purchased the domain from Sweden-based company Xcerion for a reported $4.5 million last April.

Apple has been in the process of putting up its cloud infrastructure in place. It has been giving final touches to its $1 billion data center in North Carolina. The new data center is five times the size of its existing data center in Newark. The North Carolina facility measures 500,000 square feet compared to Newark's 107,000 square feet.

According to Jobs today, iCloud, which is made up of a total of nine applications, is free. Up to 10 devices are allowed to be connected to
a single iCloud account.

Users will get 5GB of free storage for e-mail, documents, and backups. Music, books, and apps are not included in that storage limit.

The service will become available with iOS 5 this fall.