Walter Isaacson's biography on the Apple co-founder will be released Monday. The 630-page book shows us a different side of Steve Jobs-up to moments before his death.

An early Steve Jobs was bullied, experimented with LSD, and even refused to go to college. From his early life to his encounters with the president, Isaacson writes about Jobs' secrets, history, and insights.

The biography goes on to describe Steve Jobs and his health-related decisions. Isaacson reveals that Jobs later regretted not choosing more invasive treatment and surgeries. The author also writes on Jobs' political opinions, reactions to competitors like Google, his inspiration for the company name, and more.

Jobs trusted and called Isaacson in 2004 to document his life. The biography covers his entire life, including his private life the public may not know too much about. Set to launch Monday, the book is already projected to be a bestseller.