The previously lost and restored exclusive video of Steve Jobs' biggest moment at Apple. The lost 1984 video where a young Jobs introduces the Macintosh.


Photo Credit: The original Macintosh, the first commercially successful personal computer to use a graphical user interface, rather than a command line introduced by Steve Jobs.

In 1982, when Apple was just a fledgling company, Jobs began working on the Macintosh with the idea of creating the first truly consumer-oriented personal computer. Just two years later, the result was launched, with the famous 1984 commercial directed by Ridley Scott.

With a vision to make computer use easier, Jobs and his high school friend Stephen Wozniak launched the Apple Macintosh and later Macintosh software that completely transformed computer usage in the world.

The first Macintosh computer came equipped with 128 kilobytes of RAM, a floppy drive, a 512 x 342 pixel monitor, a mouse, and the applications MacWrite and MacPaint. Later MacOffice was added.

Check out the above YouTube video clip to recall the epic moment when the foundation of the latest technology was laid. Steve Jobs introducing the vintage Apple product was certainly one of the biggest moments of his life along with Apples’.

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