Ashton Kutcher-starrer Steve Jobs biopic “Jobs,” which opens on Friday, is expected to give viewers an insight into how a college dropout set out to co-found Apple, one of the most admired technology companies in the world.

But, the movie, and Kutcher’s portrayal of the enigmatic Jobs, have failed to impress critics, who saw an advanced screening of the movie. A San Jose Mercury News review of Open Road Films’ "Jobs" notes that the movie, directed by Joshua Michael Stern and written by Mark Whiteley, fails to depict how a man as temperamental and complex as Jobs became an American icon.  

“If you go to ‘Jobs’...looking for insights into what made Jobs tick or why a man with such flaws became such an inspiration, you will come away disappointed,” the review said. “The movie is not nearly as bad as many connected with Apple (directly or through their devotion to its devices) may have feared. But if a development team at Apple had cooked up this product, Jobs would have rejected it out of hand.”

One of the major flaws of “Jobs,” according to San Jose Mercury News, is that it does not give due recognition to Steve Wozniak's contributions as one of Apple’s founders.

On the acting front, an Adage report noted that Kutcher is less than impressive as Jobs, as he comes across as a “petulant, goofy teen with a Wisconsin accent,” even though he looks like the Apple co-founder.

The Daily Telegraph, too, bashed Kutcher saying his lack of acting skills is evident in “Jobs,” which was expected to be a platform for Kutcher to prove himself as a serious actor.

Rotten Tomatoes, the movie review aggregator, gave the film a 44 percent rating based on nine reviews from critics, and Metacritic, another site that compiles movie reviews, gave “Jobs” a score of 36 out of 100 based on seven reviews.

The site noted that the movie has so far received “generally unfavorable reviews.”