A Hungarian sculptor and software company have found a way to honor the late technology guru Steve Jobs.

Erno Toth crafted a bronze statue that now sits on the Budapest campus of Graphisoft, according to a Reuters report.

The statue portrays Jobs as many remember him: wearing his signature turtleneck sweater, jeans, and round glasses and sporting a short beard. 

He is holding what appears to be an iPhone in his right hand and gesturing with his left hand.

The statue marks a departure from other commemoration efforts that have taken place since Jobs' death on Oct. 5 -- namely, book writing. Amazon lists countless books about the late Apple guru, set for release over the next few months. Given that biographer Walter Isaacson released in October what is widely considered the Jobs biography to end all Jobs biographies, the influx of upcoming books feels redundant at best -- exploitative at worst.

Jobs played a role in Graphisoft's development, according to executives.

Steve Jobs was very much convinced about the technology and he offered financial and also marketing support for the company, Graphisoft global marketing director Akos Pfemeter told The Associated Press earlier this month. We received some financial support and Steve Jobs helped us distribute our products in the Apple distribution network.

Not everyone was feeling the statue's look, which Gawker described as eerie.

We have felt his spirit every day and now it is embodied, Graphisoft chariman Gabor Bojar said. We hope that we can deserve with our entrepreneurial culture in Hungary what this sculpture expresses as a message.

Here are photos of the statue and its creative phases.