Not since Frank Sinatra was featured in a commercial sending the casino owner off to fetch him some towels has Las Vegas hotelier Steve Wynn suffered such a public embarrassment.

On Wednesday, a federal judge threw out Wynn's lawsuit against Joe Francis in which he claimed the oft-sued Girls Gone Wild creator owed him money for gambling losses incurred at Wynn's resort back in 2007.

According to TMZ, Wynn's claim was worth $2.5 million.

District Court Judge Linda Marie Bell tossed the case out of court after finding absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing on Francis's part.

I have maintained my innocence in this matter from the start, Francis said in a statement, sounding every inch the aggrieved straight arrow.

And apparently, Francis -- who calls the courtroom his second home -- isn't done with this fight.

I think it was disgusting that Steve Wynn attempted to manipulate banking records to try to make this a criminal case, he added. Believe me; I will do everything legally possible to make sure justice is served in this matter and that I am compensated for the damage that these false charges have caused to my reputation.

Francis was represented by world-renowned attorney David R. Houston.

Said Houston, in his own statement: What the judge's order tells us is that this case never should have been filed, and in my opinion, the Wynn Group's heavy-handed approach to collect money from Mr. Francis has failed utterly and completely.