The new Adventures of Tintin blockbuster has finally premiered in New York in a dazzling event where director Steve Spielberg, confirmed that the films producter, Peter Jackson, would be taking the director's chair in the sequel.

The film is based on the Belgian comic-book series about a young reporter who goes on several adventures with his dog Snowy in a quest to find good stories. Billy Elliott star, Jamie Bell, who lends his voice to Tintin, was among many notables on the red carpet.

Enn Reitel, George Lucas, Giancarlo Esposito, Bill Harer, Celia Weston and Kathleen Kennedy all made appearances at the New York Premiere, but it was ultimately Spielberg who stole the show.

After revealing Peter Jackson would be directing the sequel to the film, Spielberg explained what a pleasure it was working with him. I love Peter. I thought he was a brand new voice, a very original voice and I thought he was going to do great things, he told

The Thompson Twins (Tintin characters) have a much bigger role in the next Tintin movie that Peter Jackson is going to direct. It's being written right now and he's directing it after he does The Hobbit and I'll produce it with him as he's produced this with me, Spielberg said according to Contactmusic .

When asked by Examiner about the challenges in the movie, Spielberg said, The great challenge was that when you're dealing with animation, my hands aren't tied by weather, by the real sky, the real earth, the real ocean, I could go anywhere, do anything, move the camera anywhere I wanted to and suddenly my hands were unbound and I got a chance to really make a movie that allowed my imagination to take me wherever it wanted to go.

Spielberg explained that the crew encountered some technical difficulties. It's a very fluid technology, it's always getting better, and so that meant that when we got halfway through the animation, we realized how to make it better, so we had to go back in the first part of the movie and re-animate because the animators kept finding ways of making the characters more photo-realistic, Spielberg told Examiner.

The film, which has already been a hit in Europe, will be released in North America on Dec.21.