Friendships and relationships crumbled during Season 5, episode 7 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Mimi Faust experienced a bit of heartbreak, Joseline Hernández and Stevie J’s marriage hit an all-time low, and Karlie Redd and Tommie Lee’s friendship fell apart. However, things weren’t all bad. Bambi is finally beginning to move on after her nasty breakup with Lil Scrappy, and Karlie found a new boo. Read on to find out everything that happened.

The episode starts with Karlie and Tommie bickering over Joseline finding out that Jessica Dime and Karlie were talking about her behind her back. Tommie was the one who told Joseline, and Karlie doesn’t appreciate her running and gossiping. The two ladies get into an argument, and Karlie says she’s never going to tell Tommie anything ever again.

Later in the episode, Karlie meets up with Tommie’s ex, Scrapp DeLeon, to ask him whether he wants to be a part of her new record label. He agrees, and the two begin flirting. Karlie then asks Scrapp to be a guest on her Playboy radio show, and he agrees to that, too. After some more flirting, Scrapp kisses Karlie. During a confessional, Karlie reveals she’s met up with Scrapp a few more times since their encounter. Karlie tells Jessica Dime that she really likes Scrapp, but Dime thinks it’s a horrible idea for Karlie to get involved with him because Tommie and Tiara are always fighting over him. Dime also drops a bombshell about her love life: Lil Scrappy has been reaching out to her in an attempt to spend time with her and get to know her.

Jessica Dime decides to tell Scrappy’s ex, Bambi, about him calling and texting her at Mimi and Ariane’s birthday party. Bambi, who brought a date to the party, tells Dime she doesn’t care what Scrappy is doing, but the two get into an argument, and security personnel step in to keep them apart. Also at the party, Karlie reveals K. Michelle is back in Atlanta and has invited the girls — except for Dime — to her album listening party. Dime is offended she didn’t get an invite because she thought she and K. Michelle were friends. Mimi and Rasheeda are confused about why they got an invitation because they don’t get along with K. Michelle. It turns out that K. Michelle invited to the party not only her friends but also people she doesn’t like, so she can gloat about finishing her third album. Jessica Dime takes Mimi’s invitation, rips it up and throws it on the ground.

Also during the episode, Stevie and Joseline’s marriage completely falls apart after she begins hanging out with Dawn again. Joseline and Dawn feuded last season when Dawn accused Stevie and Joseline of lying about actually being married. Joseline and Dawn decided to put the past behind, but not everybody else is as eager to forgive and forget, and the new friendship drives a wedge between Stevie and his wife.

Things get so bad that Stevie reaches out to Mimi about him staying at her house until he can figure things out with Joseline. Mimi is hesitant but agrees, saying she has to make sure her girlfriend, Chris, will be OK with it. Chris doesn’t like the idea of Stevie staying at Mimi’s house because she doesn’t trust that Stevie won’t try and hit on Mimi. In the end, Chris decides to end things with Mimi so she can work out a few things in her life.

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” airs on VH1 Mondays at 8 p.m.