Hacking into computers is one thing, but hacking into the minds of the dead takes serious skill. That’s what Kirsten (Emma Ishta) does in ABC Family’s new drama, “Stitchers.” She signs up to work for a secret government agency that solves mysteries using the memories of dead people. The show will debut after the “Pretty Little Liars” Season 6 premiere, and it seems just as mysterious as its lead in but has more of a sci-fi twist.

Here's seven things to know about "Stichers" before its June 2 debut:

1. An Unlikeable Lead – Kirsten isn’t a cute and upbeat leading character. She is a bit cold, and viewers might not love her right away. “I like the fact that she is not your typical, likable, immediately-root-for-the-girl person,” Ishta told Zap2It. “Sometimes we're not likable, so people connect with us and some of us don't. At the end of the day, you can connect with the emotional journey she goes on.”

2. Love Interest – Kirsten will connect with Cameron (Kyle Harris), and they’ll definitely bond. However, Ishta wouldn’t reveal if they would immediately jump into a romance. “They challenge each other in interesting ways, and they help each other grow throughout the season,” Ishta told HollywireTV. “Kirsten definitely challenges Cameron to be a little bravers and Cameron definitely challenges Kirsten to be a little kinder, I think."

3. Danger – Cameron might be staying away from Kirsten because he wants to protect her. It seems that traveling into dead people’s memories isn’t safe. “As soon as he meets Kirsten, his world is flipped upside down because now he’s got this beautiful girl inside of his lab that he has to navigate his emotions for,” Harris told Just Jared. “But at the same time feel responsible entirely for because, as you learn throughout the season, there are some things that went wrong in the past in this Stitchers programming and he vows to never have it happen again.”

4. Procedural – Traveling into the minds of dead people is a little more sci-fi than “NCIS” or “Law & Order: SVU,” but ABC Family considers “Stitchers” to be their first procedural crime drama. Expect it to follow a "case of the week" format, similar to other crime dramas.

5. Temporal Dysplasia – Get used to hearing that term because it’s a condition that makes Kirsten special. “She has this condition called temporal dysplasia that affects her in two different ways. The first way is it affects her ability to comprehend the passage of time, so every moment to her feels as if it’s always been there, like she’s constantly experiencing déjà vu,” Ishta told Just Jared. “And it also affects her ability to emotionally connect with herself, with her own emotions and also with the emotions of other people."

6. Secret Identity – Working for a secret government agency is usually supposed to be a secret, but Kirsten might not be able to hide her job from everyone in her life. Her roommate Camille (Allison Scagliotti) is a just a grad student, but she’ll be quickly recruited to help Kirsten.

7. Mysterious Past – Kirsten might need to work on hiding her job, but she will also try to uncover her past. Ishta told TV Line that Kirsten “has very little recollection of being younger.” However, she’ll uncover some hidden secrets as the series goes on.

Watch the promo video for the premiere of “Stitchers” Season 1 below:

“Stitchers” premieres on ABC Family on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC Family.