The race for which side can obtain to Occido Lumen first picked up steam on FX's "The Strain." Both Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) and Setrakian (David Bradley) both gained ground in the search in episode 5, titled "Quick and Painless."

The episode kicks off with the police searching an apartment building in Red Hook, Brooklyn for those infected by the plague. Police come across some strigoi and are able to take them out with their machine guns. While doing a search, an officer comes across one of Kelly’s (Natalie Brown) feelers, who to an ordinary person looks like a little girl. The police soon learn these creatures like spiders with incredible speed. The feeler attacks one officer and is able to escape.

As police evacuate the building they comes across another feeler, who escapes up a ladder. The feelers retreat to the roof where they find Kelly, who then comforts them by creepily humming to them before the opening credits roll.

Eph (Corey Stoll) heads to Chelsea, Manhattan in search of a new name and ID that can help him get out of New York and down to Washington, D.C. However, he must also change his appearance since his face has been plastered all over the news. He does so by cutting off all his hair. Eph also believes it’s going to be a three person trip with Nora (Mia Maestro) and Zach (Max Charles) joining him, but Nora makes the executive decision that she will stay behind with Zach. Eph will have to do it alone so he can run if he has to.

The Strain Ep. 5 Fet Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas, left), Fet (Kevin Durand, middle) and Frank Kowalski (Paulino Nunes, right) look to clear Red Hook of all strigoi in episode 5 of "The Strain." Photo: FX

To get the new counter-plague to D.C., the newly bald Eph hides the sample in an urn filled with brick dust. He then says good-bye to his son and heads to Penn Station. Eph’s fake ID ends up working, despite hard questioning by a police officer, and he makes it onto the train to D.C.

Fearing his cover might be blown on the train, Eph finds his old boss and Secretary of Health, Everett Barnes (Daniel Kash). He tell him he needs to let him get by so he can stop the plague. Barnes says he would, but Eph knows better not to trust him. A fight breaks out between the two. Barnes tells Eph to stop fighting the Master and Palmer because there’s no way to win. The two continue to fight and Eph throws Barnes off the moving train.

The train arrives in D.C., although many are questioning where the Secretary of Health is. Eph is able to get himself and the urn by security, successfully finding himself in the nation’s capital.

Setrakian continues his search for the Occido Lumen and comes across Alonso Creem (Jamie Hector) from Season 1, who is known for stealing and moving items from watches to cars. After an initial standoff, Setrakian goes through some books Creem has, but none are the Lumen. He then gives Creem a very valuable watch as a down payment to keep an eye for the book and offers an extremely rare watch as a reward if he finds it.

As Setrakian makes his way back from his exchange with Creem, he notices someone following him. After turning down an alley, the person walks right by him and Setrakian comes outs of the shadows armed with his silver blade. He demands the person to show himself. The person turns around and pulls down their hood, revealing Fitzwilliam (Roger R. Cross), who is now ready to join Setrakian’s fight.

Fet The Strain Fet uses his experience as a rat exterminator to hunt strigoi on episode 5 of “The Strain.” Photo: FX

In episode 4, Fet (Kevin Durand) was arrested by Councilwoman Feraldo’s (Samantha Mathis) police task force after blowing up the Red Hook subway tunnel to cut off strigoi means of travel. Dutch and Nora head to Feraldo’s headquarters where she’s quarantining people for 72 hours to see if they are infected. Nora sees an opportunity here and tells Feraldo she can show her how to determine if people are infected within one or two hours, but she must free Fet.

After his release, Fet and Dutch end up joining forces with the police after hearing about the “spider-kids” the police struggled to fight against. Field general for Feraldo, Frank Kowalski (Paulino Nunes), and other officers get to see Fet and Dutch. The two shoot the strigoi with silver and even get to use one of their beloved silver grenades down an elevator shaft, as they show the police the other ways to kill the strigoi other than shooting off their heads.

Nora shows Feraldo how to use a blue light to look for worms crawling around under people’s skin to see if they’ve been infected. After Nora clears two people and sends one off to quarantine, Feraldo asked if she could look at her nephew, who Nora confirms is infected. Feraldo then makes the difficult decision of killing her nephew by an injection before he turns.

Marshand and Palmer Are things taking a romantic turn for Palmer (Jonathan Hyde, left) and Coco Marshand (Lizzie Brochere, right) in episode 5 of "The Strain"? Photo: FX

Palmer and Coco Marshand (Lizzie Brochere) appear to be heading in a direction where their relationship may be more than business after a dinner and some post-dinner dancing back his place. However, she still continues to pick up on something being off about him after geting news that an item he’s been looking for will be resurfacing soon (which we can assume is the Lumen). Will he get to it before Setrakian?

Episode 5 came to a mysterious ending with a plane having to emergency land in New Jersey. The pilots of the plane tell ground security that despite it being a no land zone they had to land due to their client having a medical emergency. The mysterious client took off and cut through the gate of the airport. "The Strain" viewers then see a man who looks a lot like Vaun (Stephen McHattie) in a hood and a bag with a bone sticking out of it on his back . He gets in the back of a black Mercedes and is driven off by an unknown character.

Could this be how the Occido Lumen will resurface or has a new character emerged to take Vaun’s place in the fight against the Master. Hopefully episode 6 of "The Strain" will have these answers ...