Strain Episode 5 "Quick and Painless"
Fet (Kevin Durand) looks for more ways to stop the strigoi in "The Strain" Season 2, episode 5. FX

The Master’s days could be numbered as the fight to take back New York City starts to favor those who fight against the strigoi in “The Strain” Season 2 episode 5, titled, “Quick and Painless.” However, based on a teaser video and photos from the upcoming installment, it looks like it won’t be easy unlike the episode title suggests.

After blowing up the Red Hook subway tunnel in episode 4, Fet was arrested by members of Councilwoman Feraldo’s (Samantha Mathis) task force. Photos from episode 5 not only show Fet out of jail, but it looks like he and Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) will be joining forces with the men who arrested him. The group appears to be evacuating apartments. In a sneak peek video, it looks like the team will come across one of Kelly’s (Natalie Brown) “feelers,” or her army of blind children turned strigoi who are trying to help her find Zach (Max Charles).

Fet and Dutch Ep. 5
Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas, left) and Fet (Kevin Durand, middle) will help Councilwoman Feraldo's (Samanatha Mathis, not pictured) men in "The Strain" Season 2, episode 5. FX
Dutch Strain Ep. 5
Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) looks ready to fight in "The Strain" Season 2, episode 5. FX
Strain Ep. 5 Teaser
What will Fet (Kevin Durand, left) and Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) be up to in "The Strain" Season 2, episode 5? FX

In episode 3, we saw Coco Marshand (Lizzie Brochere) begin to question what Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) was up to with suspicious characters like Eichorst (Richard Sammel) and Bolivar (Jack Kesy) floating around his office. After writing a speech that made Palmer look great, it appears the two will be sitting down to a dinner to celebrate in episode 5. What will Palmer ask of Marshand next?

Eldritch Palmer Ep. 5 The Strain
What do Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde, left) and Coco Marshand (Lizzie Brochere, right) do next in "The Strain" Season 2, episode 5? FX

Setrakian (David Bradley) continues his hunt for the Occido Lumen, the book that could help defeat the Master and the strigoi in episode 5. And based on the teaser it looks like he may not be too far away from finding it. The old vampire hunter is shown negotiating with a few men in regards to the book and is even show drawing his silver blade on one of them who tried to steal from him.

“You will not come out well in this trade,” Setrakian bellows in the video.

Eph will be making his way to Washington DC and will leave Zach (Max Charles) in the hands of a reluctant Nora (Mia Maestro), who will have to play the role of parent in Eph’s absence. Of course the trip won’t be easy as Eph is shown having to use his gun on a strigoi in the teaser.

We can expect to see more of Angel Guzman Hurtado (Joaquín Cosio), an old luchador known as “The Silver Angel.” Gus recognized him when they met, but Angel denied his identity and shrugged Gus off. However, it’s only a matter of time before these two team up and start destroying some strigoi together.

"The Strain" Season 2, episode 5 will air on FX on Sunday, Aug. 9 at 10 p.m. EDT.