“The Strain” Season 3 is nearing its end. There is only one episode left to air for the series to air this year. The FX horror drama showed the deaths of three characters on Sunday. Councilwoman Justine Feraldo, Angel and Feraldo’s right hand man, Frank, died while escaping New York City. The Season 3 finale promises to enamor fans with unexpected plot twists.

The synopsis (via SpoilerTV) of Season 3, episode 10, titled “The Fall,” teases of an epic showdown between the Master and our favorite group of strigoi hunters. However, this time, the fight is for reclaiming New York City. After the battle of Central Park, strigois quickly conquered the city’s safe zones. Fet (Kevin Durand) announced that the city has only one or two days before it falls into the hands of the Master.

The synopsis states that the Master will finally reveal himself. After Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) decapitated the strigoi leader’s previous vessel, Bolivar (Jack Kesy), the Master had no vessel. A crimson worm, which holds his essence, managed to escape and slither to a manhole. Who is the Master’s new vessel?

Fan theories suggest that the vampire might take over Zack’s (Max Charles) body in “The Strain” Season 3. The Master groomed Eph’s (Corey Stoll) son to be his new host in the books. But the TV show doesn’t always follow the books (Nora remains alive till the end of the story).

However, winning a battle with the Master won’t be easy. Eph, Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas), Setrakian (David Bradley) and Fet need to overcome their personal difference in order to finally vanquish the disease from New York City. We already saw Fet and Eph quarrel over Dutch.

Catch the Season 3 finale of “The Strain” on Sunday, Oct. 30 at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.