The Strain
Will Thomas Eichhorst be The Master’s new vessel on “The Strain” Season 3? Find out when episode 4 premieres Sunday, Sept. 18 at 10 p.m. EDT. Michael Muller/FX

“The Strain” Season 3 aired an action-packed episode that depicted a shocking twist towards the end. In episode 3, not only was a part of Quinlan’s past revealed, but the half strigoi successfully beheaded The Master. Unfortunately, killing The Master meant his death too. Worse still, Quinlan only delivered a devastating blow to him – he didn’t kill his father.

The final moments of episode 3 showed a large worm slithering away from The Master’s decapitated body. He’s still out there, but he needs a new vessel to inhabit.

Bolivar (Jack Kesy) may have done the job, but now The Master must choose a new one. Who will it be? Here are three theories:

1. Thomas Eichhorst (Richard Sammel)

The Master’s favorite Nazi-loving lap dog seems like the obvious choice, but he has rejected Eichhorst before as a vessel. Instead, he chose Bolivar as his next body. Still, the German’s body is readily available and it is possible that The Master is too pressed for time to select someone else.

2. Kelly (Natalie Brown)

Although Kelly and Eichhorst are both servants of The Master, Eph’s (Corey Stoll) wife is more loyal to her son Zack (Max Charles) and is driven by a fierce maternal instinct. Granted that sometimes she looks at her son as food, but till now she has been able to keep her stinger from consuming his blood. That shows some strigoi character, no?

Furthermore, Kelly has a younger body than Eichhorst.

3. Zack (Max Charles)

The Strain
Will Zack be The Master’s new vessel in “The Strain” Season 3? Michael Gibson/FX

Wouldn’t Zack being The Master’s new vessel be the best twist on “The Strain” Season 3 so far? Yes, he isn’t as large as his first (the giant) and second (Bolivar) vessel, but he is young.

Now that Zack has outlived his use, The Master can only do two things to him -- inhabit his body or let a strigoi feed on him.

4. Some Stranger

It would certainly bum fans if the striogi leader simply selected some random stranger to become his new vessel.

“The Strain” Season 3, episode 4 premieres Sunday, Sept. 18 at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.

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