A new photo of pop star Britney Spears has caused some eyebrows to raise over its unusual details. Skeptics think photo, which shows a visibly slimmed-down Spears, was digitally altered. 

The photo is for an upcoming issue of V Magazine. The pop sensation is featured in the magazine after a whirlwind year in which she celebrated not only a successful Femme Fatale tour but also an engagement to boyfriend Jason Trawick.   

In the questionable photo, Spears poses with her team of professionals, who she calls her second family, dressed in a skin-tight dress with plunging, open neckline. Spears, who weight has been a source of gossip in the past, looks noticeably fit. The Daily Mail posted the photo and commented on how slim Spears looked.

The singing superstar appears incredibly lean in a photo shoot for the upcoming issue of V magazine, wrote the Daily Mail. She may have made a conscious decision to lose weight before she ties the knot with former manager Jason Trawick. Or it could be stress from planning the upcoming nuptials that has led the star to naurally [sic] drop a few pounds. The 30-year-old has been working with trainer Derek DeGrazio. Some say he is to thank for her new body. 

However, the photo is noticeably strange. Although The Daily Mail article did not note the oddness of photo, the 94 commentators could not stop talking about it.

'Incredibly' thin? Nah. Wish we could all put ourselves into Photoshop 3D and walk around all day in a photoshop [sic] hologram, wrote one. What a ridiculous photo looks like a 5 year old been let loose with some pics scissors and glue !!!! wrote a skeptic.

Some did not even think Spears was present at the shoot.

Photoshop fail on Brit. You can see flesh (possible arm) between Brit's arm and pink striped top that belongs to no one. It's not the ladie's [sic] elbow (next to her) or the dude behind her, as you can see his hand (notice color) - and, no, it's not his other hand. Also, they try to make her leg to be in contact with the black material on someone's [sic] clothing but she is not close enough to make contact with the guy's (behind her) trousers. Clearly, she was not there for the photoshoot, wrote another.

V magazine had no comment as to whether or not the photo had been altered, reported Yahoo Music. The issue of V magazine will hit newsstands on Thursday. In the interview, Spears talks about the Femme Fatale tour with her team. I have worked with all of them for many, many years so it was fun to see them all together again on the first day of the tour. Everybody was catching up and telling all their fun stories from the past, laughing and just having a good time.

When asked about the biggest misconception people have of celebrities on the road, she said That it's a giant, nonstop, never-ending party. I mean, we do have a lot of fun backstage ... but it's mostly a large group of people working really, really hard to put on a great show for my fans.

The last appearance Spears made in V magazine was when she covered the magazine in March 2011. The blonde beauty, at the helm of her biggest comeback yet, looked absolutely stunning in the neon-wash spread.