Bad Robot, a film and television production company owned by J.J. Abrams (“Star Trek”) released a cryptic teaser trailer titled “Stranger.”

An unknown narrator is heard talking over a scene of a night sky, “He arrived knowing nothing of himself.”

The camera then rapidly pans down to a man prostrate in a shallow stream of water, with the narrator posing the question, “Who is he,” and then answering “Soon he will know.”

Throughout this black and white teaser, the man continues to stumble, eventually making his way out of the water and onto a beach. When he’s finally upright, he continues walking in a sort of stumbling manner with the camera following behind him.

The camera then goes out of focus and then refocuses tightly on a person’s face with their mouth sewn shut.

The phrase “Soon he will know,” appears on screen and the words begin to fade off screen one by one and out of order until the only word left on the screen is “soon.”

Bad Robot shared the video through its YouTube and Twitter account, leaving a number of users on the web wondering what the teaser trailer is about.


Bad Robot was responsible for several hit television series and films including “Alias,” “Lost,” “Person of Interest,” “Cloverfield”, “Super 8,” “Star Trek” and more.

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