Capcom announced a new “Street Fighter 5” character named Necalli during the Evolution Championship Series over the weekend and he has really awesome long red hair. Necalli is the first brand new character for the game.

Necalli “utilizes a wild, animalistic fighting style to brutalize his opponents,” according to a statement released by Capcom on Sunday. Apparently he has a mysterious background and his attacks “inflict maximum pain upon his opponents.”

By using the V-Trigger action players will be able to unleash ground shattering and energy-channeling powers, one of which changes his hair to a much brighter red and lets it fly free and supposedly “completely changes his personality for a short period of time.”

Capcom said it will reveal more details about Necalli’s origins soon.

Street Fighter 5 Necalli Necalli, on the left, has his special ability "Torrent of Power" unleashed using the V-Trigger. He is a new character available in "Street Fighter 5." Photo: Capcom

Evo is the biggest fighting game championship in the world and was held in Las Vegas. The winner of the “Street Fighter 4” rounds, Momochi, won the grand final despite his stick breaking in the middle of a round and needing to get a replacement.

Pre-orders of the “Street Fighter 5” game in North America will be granted automatic access to the beta, starting on July 23.

Capcom have also announced that any new "Street Fighter 5" characters and materials will be earnable in-game for free using "Fight Money," although players will be able to use real cash if they want.