After numerous complaints and a lack of solutions, Capcom has decided to postpone the “Street Fighter V” beta test indefinitely. The decision came after three days of testing where players reported constant connection issues.

The official Capcom Unity Blog said while the people involved in the test were able to gather some crucial data for the upcoming fighting game, the lack of anyone having a good time resulted in pulling the beta servers offline. A compensation plan reportedly is under consideration.

Prior to the beta being stopped, Polygon reported Capcom had been experiencing problems with the game during it’s opening last Thursday, which lead to the first time the game was taken offline. Capcom attempted to handle some of the game’s issues, but it didn’t work out and led to the mass postponement.

There were supposed to be three planned beta tests before the game’s release and Capcom has promised fans the most recent one will not count.

Apparently, access to the game’s beta was one of the preorder incentives for “Street Fighter V” for PC and PlayStation 4, with access to six of the game’s 16 characters. Capcom even revealed a new character called Necalli as an incentive to try out the “Street Fighter V” beta along with the five returning characters like Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li.

“Street Fighter V” is slated for a 2016 release for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The game will come with 16 characters and an interesting way to earn all of the game’s future content through gameplay.

Street Fighter V: Necalli Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Street Fighter)