A recent report from the StatCounter Global Stats shows the web traffic in the United States is largely driven by StumleUpon in the last month.

StumbleUpon has taken over Facebook’s position, which had seen great heights over last year, sometimes accounting for more than 50 percent of the traffic sent out by the top seven social media websites. This is not the first time StumbleUpon has surpassed the social networking giant. It had accounted for 43.34 percent of the web traffic in January, but Facebook quickly nudged it away in a couple of weeks.


statcounter: top 5 web traffic generating sites

StumbleUpon is a web discovery engine, which recommends contents to users. It was founded in 2001 and sold to eBay in 2007, but the acquisition did not go very smoothly. Later in 2009, Garrett Camp and Geoff Smith, the co-founders of StumbleUpon bought the company back and for the last two years the company is seen growing eventually. In the month of June the company accounts for around 50 percent of the top seven web traffics.


Facebook, the social networking giant has outnumbered its web traffic records over the past one year.  From June 2009 to June 2010 the site witnessed its unique visitors double currently hitting a mark of 700 million users. Most of Facebook's traffic is driven by Mexico, Brazil, India, Turkey and some other countries which adopted Facebook much later. In US and Canada, the network is saturated as the growth of the web traffic is highly driven by the growth of the site. The growth declined with drop in the number of new people users. Large number of users in US and Canada have deleted their Facebook profiles. Currently, Facebook accounts for around 38 percent of the web traffic.

Twitter had seen fast growth until last October, soon after that it went flat remarkably in US with its traffic rate up by 1.45 percent in 2010. The probable reasons for the drop were weak user retention rate and may be very small chunk of people have something to say on a constant basis in a broadcasting platform. Currently, Twitter accounts for around 5 percent of the traffic.

YouTube, which is a video sharing website on which users can upload, share and watch videos, accounts for around 5 percent.

Digg, a social news website accounts for around 1 percent of the total web traffic generated by Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, reddit, YouTube, Digg and MySpace.