The Suite Life On Deck is back as a three-parter named 'Twister' on Disney Channel. The series will deal with Cody’s mixed up love life with Bailey, with a tribute to Wizard of OZ entwined with Cody’s trip to Kansas to win back his love. The biggest surprise of the lot is that Mr Tipton, London’s father and owner of the ship, is finally put a face to.

In this three-part series we finally get to see the owner Mr Tipton played by John Michael Higgins.

In Part 1, Bailey heads back home to Kettlecorn Kansas to celebrate her grandmother’s 90th birthday Cody follows. The story gets complicated with ex-boyfriend Moose and natural disasters. This is a perfect setting to bring in a tribute to Wizard of Oz with Bailey as Dorothy.

Mr Tipton acts the savior and Bailey may finally get to choose her beau. When we realized they were actually going to reveal Mr. Tipton, we were very confused, like, so he has a face? We were nervous as to who would represent that character that was so long established, says Debby Ryan (Bailey)in a an interview to, The second we heard it was John Michael Higgins, we were so excited.

Along With a love triangle, fantasy, disaster and surprises, there are multiple guest stars including NBA players Dwight Howard, Deron Williams and Kevin Love. The series will definitely keep the followers glued to the TV to know what happens next.

Suite Life of Zach and Cody has a loyal band of followers all over the world who have seen them literally grow from pesky seven-year-olds to confused teenagers, there are certainly many out there who would love to see Cody get it right this time. Happy viewing to all.